Post Production – Color Lookup Themes (LUT)

I’m becoming more of a fan of post production. It hasn’t always been my favorite part of photography as it is very time consuming and tedious. One way I’ve helped myself to enjoy post production more is by trying new things, learning different editing styles and applying the things I learn. For this project I used the color lookup theme option in Photoshop. I’ve never used this adjustment layer before, but it’s super easy and effective.

I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but this picture is kind of interesting to me, so I thought I’d experiment with it a little bit. I did some quick edits in camera raw to bump the contrast and get things looking a little more like how my eyes saw it. After that I opened it in Photoshop and started testing out different LUT options. I used three different color lookup themes layered on top of each other at different opacities: bleach 29%, candle light 29% and fall colors 50%. The finished product is warmer and moodier. I really like how it turned out and I will definitely be using LUT for more of post production. It’s very quick and easy.

Adobe has a really great tutorial about how to use the color lookup themes. Check it out here.