My Personal Style Project

For my personal style project I wanted to create a magazine look book. I’ve never made anything like this before and it’s something I could easily make again in the future. My personal style project will  start with this one magazine, but eventually I’ll create more to have a series of them. These magazines will be something I can use to show potential employers or clients. It’s also something I can use for myself, or my family as a type of year book.

The content of my personal style project will be lifestyle photos (stylized and candid), family photos, couples photography and a bit of landscape photography. For this magazine the theme is largely pink. If I create more magazines in the future they will have a different color scheme. This first issue of my magazine is the pink issue. Any other magazines I make in the future will be different colored issues.

Below are the cover page, and first two pages of my magazine. I’ll be completing the design and printing the magazine in the coming weeks.

Pinterest has some great ideas for magazine spreads and look books. Check it out here