OSES – Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot

One of my favorite things about photography is it changes the way I look at and see things. What separates good photographers from great photographers is how they view things. To turn an ordinary spot into an extraordinary shot you have to change the way you look at something. Sometimes that means changing the position of your body to compose your image in a creative way.

Pictured below is an ordinary spot, followed by an extraordinary shot.

OSES – The Process

For the images I captured in this project the process was just a matter a changing my positioning. Instead of just pointing my camera at something and snapping a photo, I had to get low to the ground, change my angle or get close to my subject.

For the image below, I got really close to my subject and it turned an ordinary spot into an extraordinary shot.

Douglas Phan is a very talented photographer. Check out his amazing extraordinary shot in an ordinary spot, here.