Lifestyle Portrait Photography

I like to think of lifestyle photography as a way of capturing people and moments in the purest and truest forms. It’s fun to get people to be themselves in front of the camera, especially when it’s uncomfortable and little scary. When I can get a glimpse of their style and their personality in one frame, I feel like I’ve done a good job.

Typically lifestyle photography is candid. Many of my photos are staged, but one way you can get good lifestyle shots is by telling people to just dance around or laugh or talk to you. That’s a great way to get a candid feel in you lifestyle images.

The Photo Argus has a great article with several examples of lifestyle photography.

I really love the way these lifestyle portraits turned out. I took my roommates to a couple really fun spots. One out in the trees where we got some really fun lifestyle portraits. After spending a few minutes outside of town, we went into town to get some urban vibe portraits. We found two walls that were painted with the prettiest murals. They reflected the light really nicely and the portraits turned out really well.