Landscape and Nature Photography

About a month ago I spent a day, with several amazing photographers, capturing the beautiful landscape of Island Park, Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to practice and refine my landscape photography skills. I’ve never been very confident in my ability to capture good landscape photos. This is because there are a few basic landscape photography tips that I didn’t know prior to this trip. I’m very proud of the photos I produced on this trip. In the past, landscape photography hasn’t been my favorite but I definitely want to spend more time with this area of photography.

We started early in the morning in Island Park, Idaho to get some sunrise photos on the Buffalo River. It was very cold but very beautiful.

Sun flare is always a great addition to any landscape photo. When the sun started to peak over the trees the light was perfect.

It’s always nice to add a bit of interest to your landscape photos by humanizing the landscape, or capturing wildlife.

National Geographic has an article with great landscape photography tips. Check it out here.