Landscape and Nature Photography Part 2

After my day in Yellowstone and Island Park, I got to adventure around in Grand Teton National Park. I’d never been prior to this trip and it was amazing. Landscape photography is pretty easy when the scenery is breathtaking and the weather conditions are perfect. We stopped at some well known places some tucked away places. I got landscape photos of all kinds: water reflections, blurred waterfalls, mountains, old cabins, and old cars. If you haven’t been to Grand Teton National Park, I highly recommend it. It was incredible. i’m constantly blown away by the grandeur the beauty of the landscape on this side of the country.

I found a great article for beginner landscape photography. Check it out here.

We started early in the morning to catch the sunrise above Jackson, Wyoming. I liked how the layers in the atmosphere created depth in the photo.

After getting out sunrise landscape photos, we made our way a little waterfall, tucked away off the highway. After that we made our way to Grand Teton National Park where we stopped at Jenny Lake. We also stopped at Schwabacher Landing, which has the best view of the Tetons, in my opinion. 

Our last stop in the park was at Mormon Row, where several old barns and cabins are still intact. The old structures there made for some stunning landscape photos.

After leaving Grand Teton National Park, we stopped at an empty lot full of old abandoned cars.