Indoor Product Photography

For the indoor product photography I got really creative with lighting. The picture of the hat and watch was lit so that you could see the background. For the picture of the face products I lit it so the background was dark, like in my SQIBB project. Indoor product photography can be really fun because you get to turn any space you’re in, into a studio. You don’t have to go somewhere fancy to produce quality images.

The hat and watch picture was pretty simple. I took a few shots, moved things around and out of the frame until I got something I was happy with. For the face products, it was a longer process. I used a speed light and reflector to bound some of the light back. It took a while to get the lighting just right and make sure everything was positioned the way I wanted. I also added some water droplets to the products and wanted to make sure they were visible in the photo. In the end it turned out really great.

I found a great article, The Beginners Guide to Product PhotographyIt has a lot of great tips if you’re just starting.