Food Photography – Indoors

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done food photography. It’s something I could definitely use some practice in. The tricky thing about food photography is getting the lighting just right. You want to make sure you can see the different textures of the food, and not flatten your image with on camera flash. You want more than one light source (at least two is ideal).

For this food photography project, I wanted to capture several different vegetables of varying textures, sizes, and colors. I positioned everything on a wooden cutting bored, and started capturing photos. I used a speed light and a reflector.

Next time I experiment with food photography, I want to be in a well lit space, and have a window as another light source. For this photoshoot I actually limited any natural light from coming in. I wanted to focus on using my off camera lighting equipment. This article has great tips for getting great food photography using several different kinds of lighting.