Fashion Photography – The Men

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work closely with several other photographers on a fashion shoot. I’ve never done fashion photography before so it was a really fun learning experience for me. 

We had several models there for the fashion shoot. It was really fun to get to know them. For some people it’s uncomfortable for them to have their picture taken. As photographers it’s our job to make every photo shoot experience (fashion or otherwise) is an enjoyable one. If a model is uncomfortable that will be relfected in the photos.

The theme for our fashion shoot was ‘bright fall colors.’ Typically in the fall and winter, people lean towards more neutral colors. We wanted our fall fashion to be a little unique. Our models did a great job pulling it off for us.

I located an Urban Outfitters logo and placed it on one of my images. It seemed that style of clothing fit the style of our models clothes. I also found some really unique fashion photography at Expert Photography. They have what they call a ‘complete guide’ to fashion photography. It’s worth the read for sure!